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Instructions to contributors of Indian Birds:

Indian Birds publishes original articles and notes about birds and birdwatching with an emphasis on South Asian birds (South Asia: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). We welcome articles on behaviour, ecology and conservation, counts and censuses (particularly those covering multiple years), annotated checklists, trip reports, book reviews, reviews of audio recordings, letters, announcements, notices, news from the birding world, etc.

Authors proposing reviews of published material should first discuss this with the editor. All manuscripts should be easy to read and understand. Manuscripts will be edited for length, content and style, and will be sent to referees when appropriate. The Editor will discuss contributions with authors and advise on modifications.

Some basic guidelines are given below:
•   General : When a bird species is first mentioned, both the English and scientific name must be given, thereafter the English name
    only. English and scientific names should follow Manakadan, R., & Pittie, A. 2001. Standardised common and scientific names of the     birds of the Indian Subcontinent. Buceros 6 (1): i-ix, 1-38.
•   Metric units and their international symbols must be used; dates and times should be of the form 1.i.2005 and 13:45hrs respectively.
•   Numbers one to ten should be written in full, except when used with a measurement abbreviation or higher number, thus: five birds,
    but 5km and 5-15 birds. Numerals are used for all numbers greater than ten: 12, 120, 1,200 and 12,000.

Preparation and submission of manuscripts:
•   These should preferably be sent electronically as an email attachment or mailed on a PC-formatted floppy disk or CD-ROM to the
    contact addresses given below.
•   The text, tables, figure legends (which must be self-explanatory) and appendices should be combined in one MS Word file.
•   Alternatively, hard copies of typescripts, original maps and diagrams can be sent by mail, but this should be an option of last resort.
    Images Photographs, artwork, maps, diagrams, etc. should be digitised and sent either as an email attachment or on CD-ROM. These
    should be in TIFF and at least 8”x11” in 300dpi resolution. JPEG files must be “maximum” quality, that is, at their minimum compression.
    Maps should be marked with a scale and north arrow.

•   While every care is taken, Indian Birds cannot be held responsible for accidental loss or damage of any material sent for publication or
    for their return whether they are accepted for publication or not.
•   Material published in Indian Birds reflects the views of the authors and not necessarily those of the publishers.
•   The Editor reserves the right to make necessary changes in manuscripts in consultation with the author.
•   All contributors submitting material to Indian Birds also give permission for its use on the New Ornis Foundation website.
•   All submissions are evaluated under the assumption that the conditions listed here have been understood and accepted by the
    author(s). Contact addresses The Editor, Indian BIRDS, New Ornis Foundation, 2nd Flr, BBR Forum, Rd. No. 2, Banjara Hills,
    Hyderabad 500034, India. Email: editor@indiabirds.in

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