Vol. 3 No. 2
Date of publication: 7 August 2007

Migratory waterbirds of wetlands on southern West Bengal, India

S. Mazumdar, K. Mookherjee & G. K. Saha

Observations on breeding biology of three stork species in Bhitarkanika mangroves, India
Gopi G. V. & B. Pandav

Some new and interesting bird records from Bhutan
A. U. Choudhury

Breeding notes of six species of birds from Chiplun, Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra (India)
S. B. Palkar, V. D. Katdare, V. K. Mahabal, V. V. Joshi, R. J. Lovalekar & A. Soman

Sightings of large numbers of Lesser Leptoptilos javanicus and Greater L. dubius Adjutant-Storks in Barpeta-Baksa area of Assam
A. Choudhury

On the occurrence of Jerdon’s Baza Aviceda jerdoni in Similipal Tiger Reserve, with notes on behaviour
M. V. Nair

Notes on the breeding of Jerdon’s Baza Aviceda jerdoni in W ayanad district, Kerala
C. K. Vishnudas

A large breeding colony of River Tern Sterna aurantia in Chilika Lake, Orissa (India)
P. Sathiyaselvam & S. Balachandran

Rishi Valley after the rains

V. Santharam

Bird-watching around Jairampur, Arunachal Pradesh

Praveen J. & S. Dalvi

Recoveries from the Newsletter for Birdwatchers (1969)–17

Z. Futehally

A flight down memory lane. The little brown puzzles

L. Khachar

Postcard from America. The hunt for the Ivory-billed Woodpecker

R. Kannan